I am frustrated with the customer service at Tracy Porter, a boutique for high end jewelry, clothes, shoes and furniture. Some of theproducts carried are very unique, though exorbitantly priced. I bought a bunch of things and the quality was subpar for some of them and wanted to return them. I promptly followed the directions for return and returned the merchandise. It's been 2 months and despite having called customer service repeatedly, I haven't received any word about what's happening to the items returned and where my money is!!!!!

To add to that, things that were ordered for arrival way before Christmas haven't arrived, and I can't get them to cancel those items for me. My money is stuck and the merchandise isn't even with me. Their website doesn't always say clearly when the items on back order are likely to ship.

I received a damaged item and they are refusing to send me a replacement.

After all this, every time I call, I am told that "corporate office" is dealing with my issues. This has turned out to be a nightmare. I am NEVER going to shop with Tracy Porter and want to spread the word about their totally unprofessional set up.

Monetary Loss: $2000.


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Norwich, Connecticut, United States #906311

Similar experience here.Was a long time customer .

Very disappointed that this operation was deceitful and unethical , did not return more than $600 for retuned items.Efforts to contact them were not productive.


I am so shocked by these comments.I stumbled across this compaint page by accident.

I have been her friend on Facebook only recently and wanted to see what town she lived in. As a business owner I feel for all of you customers who have lost money!! My company is very small and I take such pride knowing customers spend their hard earned money on my line!! I have looked up to Tracy for following her passion but NOT any more!

I am sharing this link to these compaints with my other business women friends!!

My jaw is to the floor!!

Milford, New Jersey, United States #688572

I called my CC company and because the shoes were on BACK ORDER for over 6 mos.When I ordered ...

they were on back order for 2 mos.

and then the back order date was extended again and it took forever for someone to finally answer at customer service only to learn they were bankrupt.SOOOOOOOOOO, the CC company deadline for disputing charges had lapsed!


I sure wish those of you who have been burned would go comment on hetr blog. It will get deleted eventually there too, but more people read her blog and might see it before they erase it!


I sure wish those of you who have been burned would go comment on hetr blog. It will get deleted eventually there too, but more people read her blog and might see it before they erase it!


If the company went under, understandable but,do the right thing Tracy.


I cannot believe they have started a new company; how is this possible when they have failed to refund their customers over at Tracy Porter?Of course there is no way to alert people of their scam since all comments are deleted.

I am disgusted.I hope they do not manage to swindle more money.


I have to say I am SOOO relieved to see everyone else that has also had such a truly aweful time dealing with Tracy Porter.I too had unprocessed returns and gift certificates all totalling $500.It is APPALLING that they are starting a new company using OUR money to do so!Before i found this I was posting comments on facebook and they got taken down fairly regularly..another sign of their extremely dishonest business practices.How can these people still worship her?

And how can they live with themselves knowing what they did to so many loyal customers who supported them and made it possible to live the good life they so prominently promote? SHAME on you Tracy and John.. believe me when they are up and running ( using my money to fund this new venture) I will not rest until I have spoken with anyone who will listen via phone or email.I am actually looking forward to making a pest out of myself!

Good luck to all and maybe if everyone could jangle their new business we might get somewhere?!Any one had any luck with anything else?


My condolences to each of you who were ripped off by Tracy Porter and her company.She did the same thing to me and, thankfully, my card-issuing bank was able to refund my money.

The Porters have launched a new web site called "Poetic Wanderlust" which touts that Tracy and her "design team" will create "inspired artisan creations" for companies. She can no longer use her name in her web address because of the number of lawsuits she would likely face, nor can she carry on a retailing operation because none of the credit card companies will do business with her after she left them holding the bag to reimburse their cardholders. I spent thousands of dollars on her fashions, and her dishonesty and lack of conscience in shuttering her business is appalling.

I sincerely hope no one hires her.If I ever see a tag reading "Poetic Wanderlust," I will steer clear of the merchandise, as I refuse to ever put another dime in that woman's pocket.


Tracy Porter has taken all your $$ and started a new brand-Poetic Wanderlust. Designer: Tracy Porter will be happy to create artful designs for you. Of course it will all be made in China or India!

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